Who are we?

Our Purpose

The Center for Global Ministries was formed in 2001 out of a belief that God was calling us to a ministry to reach those without the hope of Christ in the 10-40 Window.  We are not a sending organization, rather we partner with indigenous pastors and Bible study leaders to carry out the command from our savior.

Our Ministries

The Center works in what is known as the 10-40 Window.  It is estimated that nearly 90% of the people in the world who have not been reached with the gospel live in this defined area.  The term 10-40 window was originally coined by Christian missionary Luis Bush in 1990.

Your Support

The ability of this ministry to continue to reach people in the 10-40 window with the gospel is dependent upon your prayers and financial support. Your gifts in their entirety are used in the mission field.
Mark Payne

Our trip to Jordan and Israel was an eye-opening experience for me

"one I will never forget. I will definitely look at the Bible now from a different prospective. Seeing what could very well be Christ's grave that was carved out of solid rock was very touching. One sight I saw that really affected me more than most of the things we saw, was where Moses stood on Mt. Nebo when God showed him the Promised Land. I was very impressed with the dedication of Ehab and his family towards sharing the gospel. Janet and others in our group were able to comfort a widow which was very touching to witness. "
Judy Tiner

I know we were there to encourage the believers
in the region of Galilee but they blessed us even more.

"Also, I am more aware of the dangers that new converts face and of course our freedom here to worship. Thank you and Diane for your patience with our group!"
Steve Thompson

The 21st Century
Way to do Internationl Missions

"I have learned so much about missions in the 12 years I have been chairman of CGM. The first thing I have learned is that you must be flexible if you are to reach as many as possible for Christ. Just when you think you have a plan, the mission field changes. Today it is not just the career missionary that is interested in going to people to share Christ, but it is often people who will have only one experience in a cross cultural mission. The single most impactful thing on missions today is new technology. You can now reach most of the world via the internet. I was just in Israel where Israeli Arabs were Skyping their Bible study into both Saudi and Egypt. Who would have ever imagined that even 5 years ago. And, they were doing it without the benefit of $10,000 cameras. Just an IPad and a broadband connection."
Janet Benton

WE ALL The trip to Jordan and Israel with CGM was an experience that I recommend to everyone.

"Learning about Jordan and Israel politically and culturally as well as visiting the Holy Sites was an incredible experience. The spiritual nourishment I received as well as the privilege of spending time with the people involved with the ministry in Galilee was a blessing. The Arab believers are passionate about Christ! They put Christ as their priority with their family following closely after. The Bible tells us in Romans to practice hospitality and our brothers and sisters in Christ in Galilee definitely do this. We were able to visit several homes and home churches and I found this to be the most rewarding time. We prayed, sang and worshiped with the people and we also talked, ate, laughed, and had fun with them. Even though they don’t have new cars, big churches, diamonds and houses with yards they still had joy and peace! I came away with a new understanding of Israel and the people, more knowledge of the Bible, new facebook friends and a new ministry to support. I was blessed and forever changed by this experience. Thank you Steve for all you did for us and for all you do for the ministry. It was a pleasure to spend time with you and to learn from you. (I also loved Diane!). I find it hard to find the words to express my gratitude to you and the blessing I received from being a part of this."
Adabeth Routt

mind is still filled with the wonderful sights,
sounds and people I encountered on my recent trip to Jordan & Israel!

"The Christians we met were so welcoming and the church services with Middle Eastern Christians were full of spirit and praise for God, even in the most difficult of situations. After seeing so many truly biblical places I am glad to be reminded that we worship a man and not a place. I saw confirmation of who God is at every turn - no where so much as the place where a beaten and bruised Jesus was imprisoned overnight as he awaited trial before the Sanhedrin. As we viewed the many mountains that surround the people in this part of the world (and believe me, there are mountains everywhere!)you can't help but recognize that God's protection is there as well, offering and surrounding the country with his unfailing and abiding love. I am so proud of the new friends I made on this trip and they have encouraged me to be actively moving and sharing the gospel until the end of my days. Thanks for a wonderful experience Steve and Diane"