My mind is still filled with the wonderful sights, sounds and people I encountered on my recent trip to Jordan & Israel!

The Christians we met were so welcoming and the church services with Middle Eastern Christians were full of spirit and praise for God, even in the most difficult of situations. After seeing so many truly biblical places I am glad to be reminded that we worship a man and not a place. I saw confirmation of who God is at every turn – no where so much as the place where a beaten and bruised Jesus was imprisoned overnight as he awaited trial before the Sanhedrin. As we viewed the many mountains that surround the people in this part of the world (and believe me, there are mountains everywhere!)you can’t help but recognize that God’s protection is there as well, offering and surrounding the country with his unfailing and abiding love.

I am so proud of the new friends I made on this trip and they have encouraged me to be actively moving and sharing the gospel until the end of my days. Thanks for a wonderful experience Steve and Diane

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