The trip to Jordan and Israel with CGM was an experience that I recommend to everyone.

Learning about Jordan and Israel politically and culturally as well as visiting the Holy Sites was an incredible experience. The spiritual nourishment I received as well as the privilege of spending time with the people involved with the ministry in Galilee was a blessing. The Arab believers are passionate about Christ! They put Christ as their priority with their family following closely after. The Bible tells us in Romans to practice hospitality and our brothers and sisters in Christ in Galilee definitely do this. We were able to visit several homes and home churches and I found this to be the most rewarding time. We prayed, sang and worshiped with the people and we also talked, ate, laughed, and had fun with them. Even though they don’t have new cars, big churches, diamonds and houses with yards they still had joy and peace! I came away with a new understanding of Israel and the people, more knowledge of the Bible, new facebook friends and a new ministry to support. I was blessed and forever changed by this experience.

Thank you Steve for all you did for us and for all you do for the ministry. It was a pleasure to spend time with you and to learn from you. (I also loved Diane!). I find it hard to find the words to express my gratitude to you and the blessing I received from being a part of this.

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