Our Ministries

The Center works in what is known as the 10-40 Window. It is estimated that nearly 90% of the people in the world who have not been reached with the gospel live in this defined area. The term 10-40 window was originally coined by Christian missionary Luis Bush in 1990.

It defines an area of the world that is between 10 degrees north of the equator and 40 degrees north of the equator. It extends from just off the west coast of Africa with its eastern reach off the coast of Japan. Indonesia, although not directly in the window is considered as part of it.
The Center has ministries in the 10-40 window in the countries the Philippines, southern India, and in Israel. In India, the ministry is in nearly 80 villages where the people are classified as “Tribal”. Tribal’ s are not part of the caste system in India, but are basically people of the jungle. Our India ministry is managed by a medical doctor who treats the Tribals both physically and spiritually. There is a strong presence of Leprosy among the Tribals. In the Philippines our ministry is on the southern islands and based on Cebu. In the Philippines we support a Baptist pastor, whose mission is home group plants and Christian education. In Israel we work with an Arab pastor who reaches the Arab community primarily in Galilee. Our home groups there are composed of evangelicals, Catholics, and Greek Orthodox. We see both Druze and Muslims coming to the home groups in some locations.

In Galilee, an internet based ministry has been started using Skype. Believers in many countries are now viewing home Bible Studies from Galilee over the internet. There are followers in the Gulf countries including Saudi as well as in Egypt. We are currently developing plans to expand our reach via the internet.

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